Department of Chinese Culture and Communication

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This department is a model of traditional Chinese culture and practical application. In the past 14 years, the department has hired a famous calligraphy artist Chen Weide, a senior editor, Dr. Chen Xianren, and a well-known poet Xiao Xiao, to teach the annual meeting of the Taiwanese literary world. The Yunshuixi Poetry Festival and various academic and artistic activities have cultivated the connotation of classical and modern literature, as well as training composition teaching and Chinese language teachers, and deepened practical courses such as news, editing, calligraphy, cultural creation and community building.
The main features of this department are:
First, the school system is complete, with a university department, a master's program, and a doctoral program for students to further study.
Second, the country's only combination of traditional literati aesthetics - poetry, books, tea, piano education, planning poetry, calligraphy, tea ceremony, piano and other professional courses, to enrich students and art.
Third, continue to handle a variety of arts and cultural activities, and invite famous writers to cultural exchanges, such as Yu Guangzhong, Xi Murong, Zheng Yuyu, Wu Hao, Bai Ling and other textbook writers often come to Mingdao classroom.
4. Actively expand international cultural exchanges, promote cross-strait cultural exchange activities such as the Weinan Poetry Festival and the Quyuan Cultural Festival in Zigui County, Hubei Province, and provide opportunities for teachers and students to visit and study abroad.